Claim Your FREE Level Up! Income Growth Plan to Secure the Bag in 2020 & Beyond!



Claim Your FREE Level Up! Income Growth Plan to Secure the Bag in 2019 & Beyond!


Meet Your Hair Coach -- DeShawn Bullard

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As a veteran hairstylist, I’m all too familiar with the plight of balancing the hustle with building a firm foundation to sustain long-term growth and success. That being said, gone are the days where you can thrive without future-proofing your business. It’s more critical now than ever before to continuously grow in your craft, develop your business skills, subscribe to business development resources, and take professional development classes to stay on top of the game. Essentially, this is the time to Level Up! And as your Hair Coach, I’m here to help you do just that.

To get started toward fulfilling your income goals, download my FREE Level Up! Toolkit to equip you with necessary resources to map out your entire income growth plan.

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Toolkit Includes:

  1. 10 Tips to Level Up Your Income In 2019 & Beyond
  2. 2 Level Up Income Worksheets
  3. Monthly Expense Worksheet
  4. Revenue Calculation Guide

Why You Need My Level Up! Toolkit

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Have you lost money for underpricing your value as a stylist? Does it feel like your career is going in slow motion no matter how hard you work? If you feel your talent and knowledge is underutilized and you want to tap into your full potential to reach long-term success, I can help. Plus, I’ll give my valuable guidance provided through my FREE Level Up! Toolkit resources which will help salon professionals, like you, make the best business decisions for achieving short and long-term income goals and wealth.





COMING IN 2019: Level Up! with DeShawn Bullard Facebook Live Series

If you’ve been struggling with achieving clarity in your career journey or working hard to become successful but still getting nowhere, leave the stagnation behind and get ready for a new era. Join DeShawn as she hosts her much-anticipated Facebook Live Series, Level Up! You can now get DeShawn’s, raw, unfiltered keys to success with her FREE winning strategies and resources to equip certified salon professionals just like you. After a taste of DeShawn’s wisdom, your career will most likely take off in directions you’ve never dreamt of. It’s 2019, so it’s time to level up!